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Faculty of Economics and Business, Hokkaido University

Research Students

What’s Research Students

Students who wish to conduct a field study have the chance to enroll in the Graduate or the Undergraduate School as “research students.”
Research students are treated as non-regular students and any credit or grade points they earn are not given to them. The research period starts in April or October and continues for one year.

Subject Guideline Application Period Informal Consent
Application Period
School International Students 2019(PDF) April Enrollment: 18/12/3~12/7 18/11/2
October Enrollment: 19/6/10~6/14 19/5/10
Graduate School International Students 2019 (PDF) April Enrollment: 18/12/3~12/7 18/11/2
October Enrollment: 19/6/10~6/14 19/5/10

Procedure for Application

1.Choose your expected supervisor

Researchers List of Hokkaido University

2.Informal consent application

To apply for research students, it is necessary to get supervisor’s informal consent in advance.
To get supervisor’s informal consent, send the following documents by e-mail. Please refrain from contacting professors directly.

  • Informal Consent Application Period: by one month before the application period
  • E-mail address: ecokyomu(at) (※replace “(at)” with “@”)
  • Required Documents:
  1. CV<Form not specified>
  2. Research Plan<Form not specified>
  3. Transcript
  4. Certificate of Enrollment/Certificate of Graduation
  5. Certificate of Japanese and English language ability
  6. Application Sheet (Excel/13KB) (PDF/33KB)

3.Formal Application

Only those who got the informal consent can proceed to formal application. Please look at the guideline for the detail.