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Faculty of Economics and Business, Hokkaido University

Economic Analysis



D.Econ. (Kobe Univ.)
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My research interests are in Bayesian econometrics and empirical studies of economic data.

KAKIZAWA, Yoshihide

KAKIZAWA, Yoshihide

Statistical Analysis of Economic Time Series
D.Sc. (Osaka Univ.)

My research has been mainly focused on the investigation of (higher-order) asymptotic properties of several statistical methods. The basic tools that I have employed are Edgeworth expansion, large or moderate deviations theorem.

HOPS (Hokkaido Univ. Public School) teaching staff

Applied Game Theory
Ph.D. (Univ. of North Carolina)
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My research is now focusing on modeling the formation of social norms considering recent studies about human (and animal) reciprocity in evolutionary-game theory, modal philosophy, neuro-economics, ethology, and so on. I am also interested in applying my theoretical works to reforming existing regional public policies and creating new ones.

鈴川 晶夫 教授

HOPS (Hokkaido Univ. Public School) teaching staff

Mathematical Statistics
D.Eng. (Hokkaido Univ)

TAKAGI, Shingo

Applied Econometrics
D.Econ. (Osaka Univ.)
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Associate Professor


Macroeconomics, Finance
PhD (Penn State University)
My research interests include macroeconomics, banking and financial system, and asset pricing. I like teaching in a board range of subjects including math, statistics, economics and finance.
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SAITO, Hisamitsu

Urban economics
Ph.D. (Oregon State University)
Research interests include:
• Location decisions of heterogeneous firms,
• Economic impacts of foreign direct investment on host regions, and
• Urban-rural migration in developing countries.