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Faculty of Economics and Business, Hokkaido University

Social and Historical Economics


韓 載香 准教授

HAN, Jaehyang

Regional Economic History
Ph.D.(Univ. of Tokyo)

My research focuses on the economic and business history of ethnic minorities that position themselves on the outskirts of Japanese society. These groups such as Koreans and Chinese, while often thought of as insignificant due to their lack of economic resources, actually represent the important indicators of the nature of and changes in Japanese society. As these ethnic groups begin to aquire needed resources to create their own businesses, they become a mirror to reflect and highlight the way how Japanese business system functions. I am trying to clarify the relationships between these symbiotic business systems and the various facets of their interactions.


Economic Ideas
Ph.D. (Univ. of Tokyo)
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I welcome students interested in studying the History of Economic Thought, Austrian Economics, and Economic Sociology. These fields are open to interdisciplinary approaches and involve various methodologies. They can provide us with an opportunity for contemplation not only of important social issues, but also valuable insights into our own individual lives. Through these studies, we recognize that ideas and ideologies can greatly impact our lives, especially in a society undergoing drastic changes.

OKABE, Hiromi

Social Economy
B.Econ.(Univ. of Tokyo)

SASAKI, Kensuke

History of Economic Ideas
D.Econ. (Tohoku Univ.)

The subject matter of economics is a unique historical process, so that economics treats of different problems in its different epochs. We are likely to derive new ideas from the study of the history. Moreover, it teaches us much about the activity of human mind. History of economics is a branch of intellectual history. I hope that students are interested in history and philosophy as well as economics.

Associate Professors

松村 史穂 准教授


Economic History of Asia
Ph.D.(Univ. of Tokyo)

My research interests focus on the following topics:
(1) Chinese food policy in the Mao era (1950s-1970s)
(2) the relationship between the industrial and the agricultural sectors in China
(3) the economic development of the East Asian countries in the Cold War era


Economic History of Japan
Ph.D.(Univ. of Tokyo)
My research is mainly on a history of retailing industry in modern Japan. I am interested in the historical process of the birth of the mass consumer society, which has both good and bad aspects. I am pursuing the goal of reinterpreting the socio-economic history from the perspective of people’s daily lives.

TAKAI, Tetsuhiko

Global Economic History
Ph.D. (EHESS-Paris)

International students who are interested in the history of the Franco-Japanese globalization are welcome. ≪ Francophones de tous lespays, unissez-vous ! ≫