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Faculty of Economics and Business, Hokkaido University

Economic Policy


安部 由起子 教授

ABE, Yukiko

Labor Economics
Ph.D. (Princeton Univ.)
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My recent research topics include: (1) the impact of the Equal Employment Opportunity Law on women’s work; (2) regional variations in women’s labor force behavior; (3) the economic roles of minimum wages in Japan.

安部 由起子 教授

IMAI, Susumu

Industrial Organization
Ph.D. (Minnesota Univ.)

My area of expertise is empirical work in economics, in which I try as much as possible to respect the data and learn from it.

ITAYA, Jun-ichi

Public Economics
Ph.D. (Univ.of Rochester)
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KOYAMA, Koichi

Public Finance
Ph.D. (Univ.of Minnesota)

While the Japanese fiscal structure is forced to change for adjusting the new era, we cannot find any good solution in the traditional economic theory. As a solution to this problem, I propose the institutional analysis, in which the relation between an institution and its mechanism is clarified. According to a law, which is an institution, I construct a economic model by formulating it mathematically and considering an agent’s rational behavior. By using a real model instead of a fictional one, I clarify what kind of mechanism occurs in any given institution. Using this institutional analysis, I clarify the mechanism in the current system and try to find a desirable institution in the fields of a tax system, government debt, local government finance, public pension, public medical care, public assistance for the poor, and the fiscal investment and loan program.

OHNO, Yuka

International Political Economy
Ph.D. (Univ. of Washington)
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Associate Professors


Financial Theory
Ph.D.(Univ. of Tokyo)
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I theoretically analyze financial phenomena from the view that economic subjects interact each other through various financial networks. Especially, I analyze network of money circulation, utilizing a self-developed analytical framework termed as graph finance theory. The framework has strength in expressing (relative) velocity of money for general network structure.
My recent researches deal with topics in the field of payment system, where various problems relevant to money circulation would be presented in a prototypical manner. I proceed researches on effects of liquidity-saving mechanism under RTGS systems, or on roles of central counterparty on settlement efficiency, intensively in relation to network structure.


Special Study of Regional Economics
Ph.D.Agr. (Hokkaido Univ.)

My specialty is Farm Business Management. And now, my research question is focusing on the restoration to rural areas vitality.

HOPS (Hokkaido Univ. Public School) teaching staff

Development Economics
Ph.D. (Univ. of Tokyo)

I specialize in development economics with an emphasis on the micro-level issues in developing and transition countries. I have substantial experience in the field research in a post-Soviet Central Asian country, Uzbekistan. My research interest is both theoretical and empirical. Currently, my research focuses on the following topics:

  • Informal finance such as ROSCAs or private income transfers
  • The role of kinship relationships or local communities (e.g., “mahalla” in Uzbekistan) in economic development
  • Statistical modeling of social networks

SHIROTA, Toyoichiro

International Finance
M.A. (The Ohio State Univ.)

SUGA, Nobuhito

International Economics
D.Econ. (Nagoya Univ.)

My area of research is in international trade theory. I am interested in the implications of trade under imperfect competition and increasing returns to scale. My recent research focuses on the effects of falling trade costs on industrial location, income distribution, and national welfare.