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Faculty of Economics and Business, Hokkaido University

Voice of a Graduate Student

Ersi SOENANDAR  from Philippines

Ersi SoenandarErsi Soenandar, Ph.D. in Economics, MEXT scholarship student, Graduate School of Economics and Business Administration (2001-2006)
Thanks for the Japanese Government, I had the chance to study at Hokkaido University as a MEXT scholarship  student. It was so exciting to study at one of the leading universities in Japan, with friendly Japanese and international classmates, under the supervision of excellent professors.

As many international students did, I also encountered some difficulties at the beginning.  I felt a homesick when I had problems of Japanese, those of research, etc.  However, the beautiful environment certainly made me feel better. I went outside of my study room, took a lunch on campus and went cycling around Sapporo city.

I encourage young international students to enjoy their school life in Sapporo. You should have many things to study.  However, you should not forget to create a social life. You can make friends with Japanese and join a student association of your country. You should not miss to travel around Hokkaido because you can find wonderful sceneries there.

I believe that a good balance of life and work helps your study. If you find your own way to enjoy your study life, the time runs so fast. And you will find yourself ready to return to your home country with a degree in your hand. Then I am sure that you will miss your life once you leave Sapporo. I actually feel so by myself.