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Faculty of Economics and Business, Hokkaido University

Graduate School Life

Inka HÄKÄLÄ from Finland

INKA HäkäläWhen I was in the third grade in Oulu University (Finland), I studied in Hokkaido University as an exchange student of the program called HUSTEP. After that experience, I began studying internationalization of Japanese firms. After receiving the master’s degree from Oulu University in this theme, I applied for the MBA course in the School of Economics and Business in Hokkaido University to continue researching. Half a year before the entrance exam, I came to Japan and became a research student to study Japanese language and business theories for the entrance exam, with guidance by the instructor who is now my supervisor.
The MBA course, while allowing me to focus on my research, also provides opportunities to learn Japanese language and culture that will help me work in Japan in the future. Although the lecture is made in Japanese, the literature is mostly English. This facilitates studying for persons like me who are not very good at Japanese Kanji. In addition, thanks to scholarships provided by the Ministry of Education and Science, I do not need to sacrifice my time for part-time jobs.
My favorite feature of this graduate school is that it provides me a lot of opportunities to discuss my research with professors. The opportunities are limited in graduate schools in my country, Finland, because they have many students. However, lectures in this school are small-sized and have atmosphere encouraging discussions. It is also easy to discuss studies and researches with other students, not only in classrooms but also in seminars and study rooms. Students can receive supports from their fellow students and students in the doctoral course as well. In this circumstance, I am now focusing on my research so that I can present it in an academic conference.