Faculty/Graduate School/School of Economics and Business Library

Since the establishment of the library, the staff of the Faculty/Graduate School/School of Economics and Business Library have systematically built a collection of approximately 200,000 technical books and academic journals from around the world on economics, business administration, accounting, and related peripheral fields. Many of these are held at the Hokkaido University Library and represent valuable assets for the university as a whole.

Librarians at this branch facility work to build its collection of various resources in addition to books and academic journals. These include electronic media (a growing selection among academic journals), microform materials that allow for compact storage of huge amounts of data, and audio-visual materials (e.g., videos and DVDs).

The library also houses statistical and investigation materials containing raw data that are important for research and education at the Graduate School of Economics and Business as well as annual securities reports of private enterprises and more.

The library’s stock includes newspapers, academic journals from the past few years, white papers, yearbooks, reference books (e.g., dictionaries and encyclopedias), audio-visual materials, microfilm/microfiche, dissertations, books for students of the Hokkaido University Accounting School, and other resources. Back issues of academic journals, white papers, and yearbooks are stored in stacks at Hokkaido University’s Central Library.

Despite the efforts made to maintain literature at the facility, space and resources are limited due to recent increases in the number of publications available and expansion of the scope covered by economics, business administration, and accounting. To compensate for this, students are encouraged to use other libraries at Hokkaido University and to obtain literature from the National Diet Library and libraries at other universities via copying and interlibrary loan services. For more details, contact the library directly.

For more information and the latest on library usage, see the Hokkaido University Library website.