International Academic Exchange

Academic Agreement

Inter-Faculty Agreement

McMaster University (DeGroote School of Business, Canada), University of Gothenburg (School of Business, Economics and Law, Sweden), Warsaw School of Economics (Poland), National Taiwan University (Department of Economics, College of Social Sciences), EDHEC Business School (France), Tashkent Branch of G.V. Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (Uzbekistan)

Inter-University Agreement administered by the Faculty of Economics and Business

Yonsei University (Korea), Yeungnam University (Korea), Delhi University (India), De La Salle University (Philippines), École Polytechnique (France), Southeast University (China), University of Science & Technology Beijing (China)

International Joint Seminar

The Faculty organizes International Joint Seminars especially with Yonsei University and Yeungnam University (Korea). We plan to run Joint Seminars with Chinese universities in the future as well.

Workshop & Seminar

The Faculty invites eminent economists from various countries for seminars and workshops.

Invited Professors

  • Prof. Im Hyejoon(Yeungnam University)(May 2022)
  • Prof. Kapitan Neelam Jain(City, University of London)(September~December 2019)
  • Auxiliar Prof. Annie TUBADJI (University of the West of England) (June~August 2019)
  • Auxiliar Prof. João Fernando Guerreiro ROMÃO (Lusiada University) (April 2017~March 2018)
  • Prof. Paganelli Maria Pia (Trinity University) (August~December 2017)
  • Prof. Gilles Campagnolo (Aix Marseille University) (October 2016~March 2017)
  • Prof. Islamov Bakhtiyor Anvarovich (Tashkent Branch of Russian Economic University) : “Transition Economics” (July 2015~March 2016)
  • Associate Prof. Chad Benjamin Denton (Yonsei University) : “World History” (July~August 2015)

Special Lectures

  • Prof. Ki Young Park (Yonsei University) :“Macroeconomics” (July 2013)
  • Prof. Hahn Sunku (Yonsei University) :“Game Theory” (July 2011)
  • Prof. Chen Yun (Fudan University) : “Political Economics and Environmental Issues in China” (July 2009)

International Collaboration

Hokkaido University is a partner of JICA and the Faculty encourages international collaboration especially in the field of economics.