Campus Environment

The building of the Graduate School of Economics and Business is just an eight-minute walk from JR Sapporo Station. The lush green campus with 21 graduate schools and other institutions forms a nationally unparalleled environment where academic facilities coexist with government offices and private enterprises.


representative image of research environment - bicycleThe Graduate School of Economics and Business provides students with a wide range of opportunities not only to engage in specialized research programs in economics and business but also to pursue a variety of intellectual activities regardless of their academic fields, places of origin or nationalities. Hokkaido University has 12 undergraduate schools as well as 21 graduate schools and other institutions covering almost all academic disciplines. The majority of these schools and institutions are located on a single campus, allowing students to take related subjects offered at graduate schools in social and human sciences (e.g., law, literature and pedagogy) and science (e.g., medicine, engineering, information science, science and agriculture). As such, the Graduate School of Economics and Business offers the ideal environment for students to broaden their horizons by tapping into the interdisciplinary networks that only a university of this caliber can provide.

Modern facilities

representative image of research environment - lawnThe Graduate School of Economics and Business is equipped with air conditioning and heating systems, laboratories with network facilities, an information processing room, a library, a printing room, lockers for individual students, and a student lounge. Additionally, the lecture building includes lecture/rooms with multimedia equipment and a workstation lounge. The campus has (a total of) 16 libraries (one of the largest collections of books in Japan), more than 10 cafeterias, 2 bookshops, 2 dormitories, the Hokkaido University Hospital, the Health Care Center, the Sports Training Center, and the Hokkaido University Museum, which all serve to support students’ intellectual pursuits and research endeavors. The Hokkaido University Tokyo Office in Marunouchi, Tokyo, provides enhanced mobility to faculty members and students alike by offering access to Internet connections and meeting spaces in the heart of the nation’s capital.

Nature and Urbanism

representative image of research environment - buildingThe main campus of Hokkaido University is located in the center of Sapporo – a city with more than 1.9 million residents. Despite its location directly in front of Sapporo Station, it maintains the feel of Hokkaido’s pristine, unspoiled natural environment with its lush green urban oasis. The Graduate School of Economics and Business is located near the bust of Dr. William S. Clark (the university’s founder) and a clear stream that flows idyllically among trees and over vast expanses of lawn. Outside the campus, however, is an energetic urban space that never sleeps, teeming with activity related to the Hokkaido Government Building, other government offices, main and branch offices of private enterprises, department stores and hotels. This environment acts as a reminder that the graduate school is the nearest of all those on the campus to JR Sapporo Station. The Graduate School of Economics and Business offers a place where students can devote themselves to their research on a verdant campus with a rich history in close proximity to a major dynamic hub of administration, business and commerce.