PC Rooms

About PC Rooms

PC Rooms are common facilities open to undergraduate and graduate students for Internet research, e-mail, writing reports/bachelor’s/master’s theses and other computer-related tasks. (Access is exclusive to students of the Graduate School and the School of Economics and Business.)

Locations and access Lecture building between Faculty of Law and Faculty of Letters(*1) Access: exclusive to students of the School of Economics and Business, the Graduate School of Economics and Business
Opening hours PC Rooms have different opening hours; see the notices posted at the facilities.
  • Students must supply their own paper for printing.
  • Dispose of used paper.
  • Drinking, eating, and smoking are prohibited in Computer Rooms.

Users should remember that the facilities are for communal use; be considerate of other users.

About IT Environment

Notice on the information processing circumstance
Software, such as Microsoft Office, MATLAB, R, SPSS, and Mathematica, is available.
Certification through the student card is necessary to enter the room.
Certification through the ELMS ID and password is necessary to use computers.