After studying abroad

Name: Nobuaki
Department: Economic
Grade: Senior
Position: Takai-Seminar
Backgrounds: Paris Institute of Political Studies for 5 months
National Taiwan University for 5 months, University of Oregon for 3 months
Future Path: IT Company
Name: Syunpei
Department: Economic
Grade: Senior, Position: Takai-Seminar
Backgrounds: De La Salle University in Manila for 8 months
Future Path: General trading company

Question: Why did you decide to study abroad?

Shunpei (hereinafter called “Shun”): Because I had an aversion to English, and I wanted to overcome such feelings. Moreover, because I wanted to live in different culture from Japan.

Nobuaki (hereinafter called “Nobu”): Because I wanted to do something unique rather than living an ordinary life as a university student. Furthermore, since I have never lived in foreign countries despite the age of globalization, I wanted to have experiences abroad now.

Question: Most of students in Takai-seminar, which both of you belong to, study abroad.
They select various kinds of countries such as Francs, Hungary, Scotland. What kinds of motivations lead to the countries?

Nobu: Since I would like to have experiences in European countries, Greater China, and North America, I selected Paris, Taiwan, and Oregon out of partner universities. I had classes which were specific to the country in each university and felt differences between classes.

Shun: From Eastern Asian countries in which I traveled before, I selected Philippines where English is the public language. Concerning lectures, I mainly took lectures relating to Development because I had interest in the process of development of developing countries.

Question: What are good things in studying abroad?

Shun: My skills in English and communication have improved. However, for me, more important thing is to have met a lot of people. Outside the university, I have joined in a football team. There, I become seriously thinking about my future, communicating with various kinds of people who have different nationalities, different ages, and different positions. Especially, I got along with a worker of General trading company, and my goal become to be a worker of General trading company as well.

Nobu: What is better thing than improvements in my English skills is to get tough in terms of both physical and mental strength for overcoming every problem. In overseas, unreasonable problems frequently occurred, so I must calm down and do my best by my own. Owing to such hard experience, I feel grown physically and mentally.

Question: Could you give advice to students thinking about studying abroad?

Shun: “What we will do during studying abroad” is important for us, so to go abroad is not the ultimate goal. In my case, my goal is football, but I think it is better to challenge through what you have interests in. And, you should pay attention to take one step forward. I hope you will have a good experience abroad.

Nobu: Studying abroad is not leisure, so you will have difficulties in in terms of money, study, and human relationships. Hence, if you would study abroad, then you should be committed to achieve all the way to the end. Moreover, you would have good experiences and you could lean various kinds of values and broaden your horizons.