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Faculty of Economics and Business, Hokkaido University

Study Abroad

Student Exchange (Outbound)

The Graduate and Undergraduate Schools of Economics and Business exchange students with Inter-University and Inter-Faculty partner institutions. Please refer to the web pages shown below for further information.

Information on studying abroad for Hokkaido University students (in Japanese)


Inter-Faculty partners

McMaster University (DeGroote School of Business, Canada)
University of Gothenburg (School of Business, Economics and Law, Sweden)
Warsaw School of Economics (Poland)
National Taiwan University (Department of Economics, College of Social Sciences)
EDHEC Business School (France)

Inter-University partners (more than 100 institutions)




Scholarships for studying abroad (JASSO)


Double Degree Program (DDP) (Outbound)

  1. What is Double Degree Program (DDP)
    Double Degree Program is the student exchange program between the Graduate School of Economics and Business and the partner universities. Students participating in DDP are allowed to obtain credits from both the Graduate School of Economics and Business and the partner universities through credit transferring, and can receive the master’s degree from multiple universities when students satisfy the completion requirement of the respective universities. As of June 2016, the Graduate School of Economics and Business allies with University of Gothenburg, Sweden, on DDP.
  2. Eligible students
    Students in the Doctoral Course of the master’s program are eligible for DDP (students in the Specialized Course of the master’s program are not eligible).
Model Curriculum
Grade Semester Venue Main Subjects Credit in Gothenburg Credit in HU
1 First HU Micro- and Macroeconomics, econometrics, statistics 30 30
Second Gothenburg Seminar, Applied econometrics 30 8+8 (TG*)
2 First Gothenburg Optional courses 30
Second HU Master’s thesis 30 (TG*) 16

*TG: Transferred Gredes

In this model curriculum, students can receive the master’s degrees both from Hokkaido University and University of Gothenburg in two years. Students are enrolled in English courses in University of Gothenburg during one year, from the second semester of the first grade to the first semester of the second grade.